Step 1

Organize your photos.

Step 2

We can scan your photos in your home by appointment, or you can drop them off at our home.

Step 3

You now have your photos preserved – and ready to enjoy.

It’s Really That Simple: My Story

Like you, scanning my family photos was a project of mine for a long time. I spent a lot of my time as a teenager trying to scan all my photos as a surprise to my family, only to fail miserably for 10 years. Flat bed scanners are just too slow. I bought and tried every retail feed-through scanner imaginable and I found them to be not up to par. When I searched online, I was surprised that local stores were outrageously expensive. There were a lot of reasonably priced companies but of course they weren’t local, so you had to mail your photos. In the process of managing a Ebay business, I saw packages get lost. When I came home from my church mission, I even had a package split open and some of its contents lost. After even more research, I came to find out that a lot of these companies were sending work overseas!

While I worked at a computer shop, one of my duties was to go set-up or fix computers at people’s homes and I really loved getting to know them. Often I would ask them about photo scanning, and I realized that this was a service that very few people had performed. Finding solutions to get photos digitized became my new passion and has brought piece of mind to my family. We have made all sorts of photo books, slideshows and displays which has been such a joy.

With Scans Simple, the reality of digitizing your precious memories and personal photos is here – your photos will be ready to be passed onto your children – preserving your genealogy for years to come. We pride ourselves on providing a service that is long over-due in an over-priced market.

It’s really that simple.

-Devin Williams
Owner of Scans Simple